About Us

Brass Electrical Accessories is one the dynamic experts in manufacturing and exporting C360 Brass Electrical Accessories, Cable Glands, Auto Parts, General Components, Earthing Accessories, etc. Know More...

Brass Electrical Accesories
Accurate Products

We strive to delight the customer by continuously improving the quality of its products and services through Development and involvement of employees and vendors, Continuous upgradation of Technology, Process and Systems.

Brass Electrical Accesories
Timely Delivery

We are committed to provide our customers best quality products in accurate time for which we complied with our Quality Control System of ISO 9001:2000.

Brass Electrical Accesories
Customer Satisfaction

We are at apple strive to render quality products to our customers’ satisfaction for which we regularly update ourselves in the area of quality control, production techniques, latest technologies, and venture products etc.

Brass Electrical Accesories
Best in Quality

We deliver our best quality products by quality planning, control, assurance and improvement to make as per different international standard and specification i.e. as per ISO, DIN, RoHS Compliant, etc.


We have a wide experience in delivering close tolerance in production of Brass components. We have unique Inspection facility to achieve goal to zero defects and rejection of any products manufactured, our well experienced and regularly trained QC Person, carry out the Inspection on each Individual product.

Our four main Stages - quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement. Know More...